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Heat Therapies

Heat therapy, also called thermotherapy, works by increasing blood flow to areas of the body through the application of direct heat to an affected area. Elevated temperatures then help to soothe discomfort increasing flexibility and reducing stiffness of joints.

Heat therapy can be good for relieving soreness after exercise or when feeling tired or fatigued.

Home Heat Therapies


Steam Bath

Running a hot bath with soothing oils can help reduce body soreness whilst encouraging an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Relaxation Soak

Soaking in warm water infused with natural salts and uplifting oils can help stimulate circulation and ease muscle tension.

Heat Pillow Therapy

Heat pillows are an effective way to manage discomfort as they boost circulation allowing nutrients and oxygen to travel to the affected muscle or joints.

Hot Oil Head Massage

Heated oil is easier for the scalp to absorb and when incorporated into a relaxing head massage it helps hydrate and strengthen hair follicles too.

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