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Spa At Home – With Aloe Heroes

Dehydrated skin calls for Aloe! It’s soothing, hydrating and essential whenever the skin is exposed to extremes such as excessive washing, cooling temperatures or wind.

Here’s a simple aloe-infused routine that can help you store skin and encourage self care.

Cleanse & Nourish

Take a shower or run a bath using our Tuberose & Grapefruit Hydrating Hand Wash OR Geranium & Juniper Berry Body Wash. Both of these formulations are infused with moisturising aloe leaf extract so nourish alongside cleansing. Avoid making the water too hot, as this can be further dehydrating.


Exfoliation is key to encourage skin regeneration. Apply our Eucalyptus & Rosemary Purifying Body Scrub over the body in circular motion. With aloe as the foundation ingredient in this skin-smoother, the skin drinks up the formulation. Just wet the hands and keep working it over the skin to get a gentle yet through exfoliation. The aim is to remove all the dry, dead skin prior to any tropical hydrator.


Once rinsed and towel dried apply a Salus body oil, such as our Patchouli & Rose Ultra Moisture Body Oil, to damp skin from neck to toes using sweeping strokes towards the heart. This promotes blood flow throughout the body encouraging skin regeneration and repair from the inside out.

Top tip: Take your time. Self care is as much about the intention as it is about the doing.

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